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4 Tips for Thoughtful Memorials in the Digital Age

Your loved one has just passed away, and now, you’re in the position of letting other people know what happened. It can be tricky to figure out how to handle this responsibility in a respectful way, especially at a time when information moves so quickly online. By turning to David E. Desmond & Son Funeral Home - Bath, you can plan a memorial service that fulfills your loved one’s wishes. Furthermore, here’s how to find momentary stress relief, tactfully share difficult news on social media, manage a probate sale, and choose a plaque for your loved one.

Seek Healthy Stress Relief

After receiving such devastating news, you need to allow yourself time to process your feelings and find some relief, however temporary. Your grief will not lift overnight, but by practicing deep breathing, you may find yourself feeling calm and grounded, even in the midst of such a difficult time. You might also want to write in a journal, call a close friend whom you can trust, or go for walks outside to clear your head. You may not feel ready to tell your loved one’s social circle what happened until you’ve taken some of these steps.

Manage Social Media

Do not post anything about your loved one’s passing online until their relatives and close friends have all been personally told the news. Seasons states that each social media platform has its own rules for accessing a deceased loved one’s accounts after their passing, so you will need to handle each account differently. When it comes to sharing the news, We recommend using the funeral home website or creating a specific memorial page if possible. You can share your favorite photos of your loved one, and other people will be able to leave comments with their own photos and memories.

Prepare for Probate Sale

Dealing with the aftermath of someone’s loss can be exhausting - there are so many legal and financial tasks to handle that it’s easy to get overwhelmed. For example, if your loved one owned a home, you may be in charge of handling a probate sale. Dealing with a probate sale is hard work, so working with a real estate agent who specializes in this area is a must. When you have support in managing essential tasks like this, you can focus on personal matters, such as memorializing your loved one.

Create a Physical Memorial

Today, many people like to memorialize their loved ones online in some way because they know that lots of other people will see it. This provides their loved one’s social circle an easy way to leave their condolences and say goodbye. But chances are, you’ll want to establish some sort of physical memorial, too.

Even if your loved one wanted to be cremated, you can still set up a memorial plaque in their honor. That way, their friends and relatives will have a place where they can physically gather to remember their loved one. A plaque leaves a lasting, tangible impression, reminding people of who your loved one was and the impact they made during their lifetime. A bronze memorial plaque is a great choice: this material is resilient and aesthetically appealing, so it can withstand the elements if placed outdoors. When you order your plaque, you can customize different aspects, like the thickness, background hue and texture, borders, and more.

Losing a loved one is always hard. How you choose to memorialize them can help you deal with these feelings in a healthy way. With these tips, you’ll be able to cope with your stress, manage social media memorials, get ready for a probate sale, and create a memorial plaque for your loved one.

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